What is Deadlock in DBMS and OS

A deadlock in DBMS and OS is a condition wherein two or more processes or transactions are waiting for each other in order to be finished but none of the processes or transactions are willing to give up the resources that the other processes need. In this situation, no processes ever get finished and are in the waiting state forever. Deadlock Deadlock Characterization Deadlock can arise if four conditions hold simultaneously. Mutual exclusion:  Only one process at...
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What are the different Oracle versions?

Introduction: Oracle is a  Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) available in various versions. In this article I am going to tell you various Oracle versions and features. Oracle RDBMS is providing all the features to perform online transaction processing and data where housing. Every new oracle version comes with new features. Any software is not a final product. There is always a scope for improvements. That’s why there is a need to understand the Oracle versions ...
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How long does it take to learn SQL in 2020?”

Introduction Look at the title it is “How long does it take to learn SQL in 2020?” It could be only “How long does it take to learn SQL ? Why 2020 is attached to make it How long does it take to learn SQL in 2020?” ? In this modern era of  online learning methodology, there are several websites providing online SQL engine where you can experience more interactive way of learning and practicing. Few online ways available for learning are Smarter way of learning Video Le...
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Main Advantages of the Database management system

Advantages of the Database management system Main Advantages of the Database management system: - A database management system (DBMS) is defined as a software system, which allows the user to access, create, maintain, and control the database. The DBMS makes it possible for the user to create, read, update, and delete data in the database. It is a layer between the program and the data.Compared to file-based data management systems, database management systems have several advantages. ...
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Database Developer Skills and Salary

Database Developer For any organization, the database is developed and maintained by a professional known as a database developer. A database developer can become a key person of any organization by providing his /her services related to database management and database security. That’s why it is a good carrier option. A database developer is a good job profile in terms of earning handsome amount of money and job security. But this job profile comprises great sense of responsibiliti...
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