What are the different Oracle versions?


Introduction: Oracle is a  Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) available in various versions. In this article I am going to tell you various Oracle versions and features. Every new oracle version comes with new features. Any software is not a final product. There is always a scope for improvements. That’s why there is a need … Read more

Find the Fibonacci Series in python and Factorial of a Number in python


Fibonacci Series in python Fibonacci Series in python-In this article, we’re going to start talking about finding the Fibonacci series in python and the factorial of a number in Python. So to begin with the Fibonacci numbers is a fairly classically studied sequence of natural numbers. The 0th element of the sequence is 0. The … Read more

20 Best Online Jobs from home –No investment (Earn 50,000 per month)


Online jobs from home Online jobs from home is not a new term but after the lockdown period imposed by COVID-19, most of the people are looking for online jobs work from home. Nowadays people are  preferring  work from home.  There are various ways to earn money by online jobs.  You can earn up to 50000 INR  … Read more

What is TRP full form?

1. TRP full form TRP full form-All the Television Viewers must have heard this term that is Television Rating Point (TRP). But very few know about this term. What is TRP and what is TRP full form? I am going to elaborate on this. If you watch TV then you must have heard about TRP … Read more

Python Flask framework and Django framework

What is Flask framework and Django framework: If you are interested in web development using Python then Python flask framework and Django framework is a good choice because both the Framework provides an efficient and elegant way to develop your web application.  There is a very popular approach that is used to develop the websites … Read more

Python strings |lowercase in python|comparison operators


This article reveals the power of python language to deal with strings, to perform various operations on strings such as how to get strings to be all lowercase in python, and how many characters does a string has in python, and comparison operators. Apart from all that few mathematical functions will also be discussed such … Read more

Database Developer Skills and Salary


Database Developer For any organization, the database is developed and maintained by a professional known as a database developer. A database developer can become a key person of any organization by providing his /her services related to database management and database security. That’s why it is a good carrier option. A database developer is a … Read more

How long does it take to learn coding?


If you want to build a carrier in the field of computer, there are several options such as Network Administration Database Administration Hardware Software Coding means software development. If you want to build your carrier in software development, few questions arises in the mind. How much you can earn being a software developer? How long … Read more

How long does it take to learn python?


How long does it take to learn python? 1.Python is easy to learn:- Python is very easy to learn because a person who has no knowledge of any programming language can learn python. Python supports all the programming paradigms such as structured programming, procedural programming, object-oriented programming, etc. 1.a Example to demonstrate how easy Python … Read more

What are Anomalies in DBMS

Anomalies in DBMS

What are Anomalies in DBMS Normalization is necessary if you do not do it then the overall integrity of the data stored in the database will eventually degrade.  Specifically, this is due to data anomalies.  These anomalies in DBMS naturally occur and result in data that does not match the real-world database purports to represent. … Read more

Joins in SQL with Example

Joins in SQL

What are Joins in SQL? Joins in SQL combines rows from two or more tables. It creates a set of rows in a temporary table. Joins two or more tables is one of the most powerful features of relational systems. In fact, it is the availability of the Join operation, almost more than anything else … Read more

How to find second highest salary in SQL

find second highest salary in SQL

How to find second highest salary in SQL To find the second highest salary in SQL is a very common important interview question. If you are going for the role at the junior level. There are many ways to find the second highest salary in SQL. Some important questions to find the salary are given below. … Read more

What is Relational database management system?


What is a Relational Database Management System? Full form of RDBMS is –Relational Database Management System. Relational Database Management System Relational DataBase Management System representation of tables only. A relational database refers to a database that stores data in a structured format, using rows and columns. In RDBMS we can store the data in the … Read more

What is the candidate key in DBMS?


What is Candidate Key in DBMS? A Candidate Key in DBMS is a minimal set of columns/attributes that can be used to uniquely identify a single/every tuple or row in a relation. Candidate Keys are determined during database design based on the underlying business rules of the database. After finding all possible candidate keys in a relation.DBA choose … Read more

Codd Rules in RDBMS | Codd’s 12 rules

12 Codd Rules for RDBMS:- Codd Rules for RDBMS were given by E.F Codd which should be satisfied by the DBMS to become an RDBMS. Dr. E.F codd describes the relational model in 1970. He has put 12 rules to describing the Relational Model. 12 Codd’s Rules for RDBMS:- Dr. E.F codd given 12 codd,s rules which are … Read more

DML Commands in SQL

DML Commands in SQL

This SQL Tutorial focuses on the SQL DML statements. DML (Data Manipulation Language) statements are the SQL, sublanguage that is used for data retrieval and manipulation. Using DML commands you can perform operations such as inserting new rows, updating and deleting the existing rows tables. Data manipulation language(DML Commands) is a core part of SQL. When you want to … Read more

DBMS Assignment-Level-1


Create table Vendors as follows: Ven_id Ven_name Contact Street City Salary Dept_id 1 Ratna 9044670000 Rajiv Chowk Delhi 30000 A01 2 Anjali 9839780000 Vijay Nagar Kanpur 21000 A01 3 Rahul 9532890000 Model Town Delhi 35000 B02 4 Ankit 7522900000 Rajajipuram Lucknow 24500 C03 5 Sumit 7271000000 Ramadevi Kanpur 26000 B02 6 Kapil 7890120000 Mall Road … Read more

Database Interview Questions Answers

Database Interview Questions

What is a database? A database is a logically coherent collection of data with some inherent meaning, representing some aspect of the real world and which is designed, built and populated with data for a specific purpose. What is DBMS? It is a collection of programs that enables the user to create and maintain a … Read more



A subquery is a query within a query for the same or different table. The inner query is enclosed in parentheses (). The result of the inner query would be given as input to the outer query. Subqueries enable you to write queries that select data rows for criteria that are actually developed while the … Read more

OOP’S & Java Interview Questions

OOP’S & Java Interview Questions What are the principle concepts of OOPS? There are four principle concepts upon which object-oriented design and programming rest. They are: Abstraction Polymorphism Inheritance Encapsulation (i.e. easily remembered as A-PIE). What is Abstraction? Abstraction refers to the act of representing essential features without including the background details or explanations. What … Read more

Python MCQ Questions Set-11

Here is an interesting Python Multiple choice questions Quiz. Attempting this MCQ will help you to evaluate your knowledge and skills. 1. What will be the output of the following Python code? count={}count[(1,2,4)] = 5count[(4,2,1)] = 7count[(1,2)] = 6count[(4,2,1)] = 2 tot = 0 for i in count:tot=tot+count[i] print(len(count)+tot) a) 25b) 17c) 16d) Tuples can’t … Read more

Python MCQ Questions Set-10

Here is an interesting Python Multiple choice questions Quiz. Attempting this MCQ will help you to evaluate your knowledge and skills. A. What will be the output of the following Python function? re.findall(“hello world”, “hello”, 1) [“hello”] [ ] hello hello world B. Which of the following functions results in a case insensitive matching? re.A … Read more

Python MCQ Questions Set-9

Here is an interesting Python Multiple choice questions Quiz. Attempting this MCQ will help you to evaluate your knowledge and skills. 1.What will be the output of the following Python code? def mk(x):def mk1():print(“Decorated”)x()return mk1def mk2():print(“Ordinary”)p = mk(mk2)p() a)DecoratedDecoratedb)OrdinaryOrdinaryc)OrdinaryDecoratedd)DecoratedOrdinary 2. What will be the output of the following Python code? def ordi():print(“Ordinary”)ordiordi()a)Ordinaryb)Error 3. What will … Read more