Vault Configuration and deployment

Vault is a tool for securely accessing secrets. A secret is anything that you want to tightly control access to, such as API keys, passwords, or certificates. Vault provides a unified interface to any secret, while providing tight access control and recording a detailed audit log. Vault Component Storage Backend: It configures the location for the storage of vault data.Secret Engines: It stores, generates, or encrypts data. Many secret engines can be enabled and used as needed. Secret eng...
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20 Best Online Jobs from home –No investment (Earn 50,000 per month)

Online jobs from home Online jobs from home is not a new term but after the lockdown period imposed by COVID-19, most of the people are looking for online jobs work from home. Nowadays people are  preferring  work from home.  There are various ways to earn money by online jobs.  You can earn up to 50000 INR  per month without any investment.  You just have to arrange a laptop and internet connection.  Now I am going to tell you 20 best onli...
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What is TRP full form?

1. TRP full form TRP full form-All the Television Viewers must have heard this term that is Television Rating Point (TRP). But very few know about this term. you will be knowing all about the TRP such as What is TRP?How TRP is calculated?What is the Role of TRP in making money? Very few people know the full form of TRP. It’s full form is Television Rating point. In this modern era of business world, every factor which affects business directly or indirectly, is deeply analyzed for f...
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Python Flask framework and Django framework

What is Flask framework and Django framework: If you are interested in web development using Python then Python flask framework and Django framework is a good choice because both the Framework provides an efficient and elegant way to develop your web application.  There is a very popular approach that is used to develop the websites known as model view controller that is MVC architecture. This approach of web development provides many benefits such as your website will be easy to ...
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Python strings |lowercase in python|comparison operators

This article reveals the power of python language to deal with strings, to perform various operations on strings such as how to get strings to be all lowercase in python, and how many characters does a string has in python, and comparison operators. Apart from all that few mathematical functions will also be discussed such as how to compute the absolute value etc. String processing and text analysis are playing vital role in the field of Media and communicationEmotion detection SystemT...
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