Python Features | Python tutorial

Installing and using Python-

  • Download Python 3  from
  •  Now double click on the python installer to install the python.
  • Start  Python editor IDLE  to create a python program from the start menu.

Python Features-

1. Easy–to – learn.

Python “Hello World “  Program:

Type the following code in IDLE, and press F5 o execute.

Print(“Hello World “)

Output: Hello World

2.  Good for scientific and mathematical applications

To calculate the 2^1000, following a single line of code is enough


 3.  The dynamic type of language

There is no need to declare the data type for a variable, for example




print (c )

4. It is a scripting language

5. Pure object-oriented

Everything is an object in python

Even a single variable(object)



output:- <class ‘int’>

a is an object here

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