Python MCQ Questions Set-2


Python MCQ Questions:- Q1. What is the output of the following code? print(type(type())) a)Error b)Null c)None d)None of the above Answer a Q2.What is the output of following code? print(type(type)) a) <class ‘type’> b)Error c) <class ‘none’> d)None of the above Answer a Q3. What is the output of following code? class cc: def f1(self,a,b): … Read more

DBMS MCQ Questions and Answer Set-8


1. Aggregate functions are functions that take a ___________ as input and return a single value. a) Collection of values b) Single value c) Aggregate value d) Both Collection of values & Single value Answer: a 2. SELECT __________FROM instructor WHERE dept name= ’Comp. Sci.’; Which of the following should be used to find the … Read more

What is the candidate key in DBMS?


What is Candidate Key in DBMS? A Candidate Key in DBMS is a minimal set of columns/attributes that can be used to uniquely identify a single/every tuple or row in a relation. Candidate Keys are determined during database design based on the underlying business rules of the database. After finding all possible candidate keys in a relation.DBA choose … Read more

Python Features | Python tutorial


Installing and using Python- Download Python 3  from  Now double click on python installer to install the python. Start  Python editor IDLE  to create a python program from the start menu. Python Features- 1.Easy – to – learn. Python “Hello World “  Program: Type the following code in IDLE, press F5 o execute. Print(“Hello … Read more

DBMS Assignment-Level-1


Create table Vendors as follows: Ven_id Ven_name Contact Street City Salary Dept_id 1 Ratna 9044670000 Rajiv Chowk Delhi 30000 A01 2 Anjali 9839780000 Vijay Nagar Kanpur 21000 A01 3 Rahul 9532890000 Model Town Delhi 35000 B02 4 Ankit 7522900000 Rajajipuram Lucknow 24500 C03 5 Sumit 7271000000 Ramadevi Kanpur 26000 B02 6 Kapil 7890120000 Mall Road … Read more