What is the full form of CEO

The full form of CEO is Chief Executive Officer. The CEO suggests the high ranking in a business or business and is in control of the direction and administration. CEO is possibly the most senior executive or administrative officer concerned for conducting the business as a whole and its own earnings.
The CEO is accountable for creating changes throughout the use of policies and encouraging, inspiring and motivating the workers. A lot of work ethic, expertise, and understanding of company networking must be a CEO. From the nonprofit and government branches, CEOs typically try to achieve results related to the intention behind the business, including poverty reduction, higher literacy, etc.

Eligibility criteria

  • There is nothing exactly the same and comprehensive educational credential necessary for the role to be the CEO of any company or business.
  • The CEO is the top position in a business or organization picked by a firm’s board of directors
  • Much of it is noticed that a large number of CEOs possess a degree in science, engineering or law.


The organization’s chairman or board of supervisors set many duties for your CEO. A number of those CEO’s responsibilities are-

  • A CEO makes every substantial business choice.
  • He supplies a secure functioning and functioning environment.
  • He supports, motivates and motivates the workers of the business or business.
  • A CEO is making modifications in coverage, strategies and company strategy.
  • He contributes all of the company activities.
  • He assigns the functions and responsibilities to its subofficers
  • The CEO aids with recruitment members of this Council.
  • The CEO recommends or advises a yearly funding, which controls and oversees the business’s funds, sensibly and professionally.

Salary of CEO

Salary of CEO depends on which company he is working. The salaries of CEO’s of big companies are usually in crores and if it is a small company, the salaries of CEO’s can be in millions or more. But which company belongs to the CEO, his salary can be tracked.

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