How to get a Rangoli stamp in google pay 2021

Google Pay Rangoli Stamp, Get Rangoli Stamp Google Pay, How To Get Rangoli In Google Pay, Google Pay Diwali Offer, How To Get Rangoli Or Flower – today I will discuss the 10 Best methods to Get Rangoli Stamp From Google Pay .so you can get 100% Rangoli Stamp in Google Pay.

Rangoli stamp in google pay
Rangoli stamp

But the question of many friends was that we do not get Rangoli Stamp – Not Getting Flower and Rangoli Stamp in Google Pay. So do not worry, today I will tell you the 10 best methods to Get Rangoli Stamp in Google Pay so that you will get 100% Chances to Get Rangoli and Flower Stamp For Free Using This Method.

Whatever method I will tell you here, you will follow it carefully and with this method, you will get more chances of winning the Flower OR Rangoli Stamp, and it also depends on your luck.

How To Get Rangoli Or Flower Stamp In Google Pay?

Friends from a lot of people from the same method and I also won many Flower Stamp in Google Pay | That way everyone’s work to be done but also what is very nice luck, then made a try to Give a Try and Get a Chance to Win Rs.251 From Google Pay Diwali Offer.

1-First Method in Diwali Offers

  • First, you open the Paytm app and click on Add Money Option.
  • There you have to add at least 35 rupees to your wallet.
  • Now you have to pay with Google Pay UPI.
  • There is more chance in this way that you get Flower OR Rangoli Stamps High Chances to Get Flower OR Rangoli Stamps using this method.

2 – Second Method in Diwali Offers

  • First of all, you will need a Business QR Code or PhonePe or Google Pay, or Paytm QR Code.
  • Save that QR Code on your phone.
  • Now scan with Google Pay Open task and that Google Pay QR Scanner.
  • Now you have to pay a minimum of 35 rupees 5 times and also you can win Rangoli Stamp.
  • Buy any item for more than Rs 50 from Amazon or Flipkart.
  • Pay with Google Pay.
  • There is more chance in this way that you can win the Flower or Rangoli stamps.

3 – Third Method Diwali Offers

  • You pay any bill of Rs 35
  • Pay with Google Pay App.

4– How To Get Rangoli Stamp In Google Pay Diwali Offers

Right now Holi is coming and from google, you will get a mail a few days before Holi, in which it will be written that if you make payments with Google Pay, then you will get the chance to win Flower or Rangoli stamps. In that, you have to make payments from Google Pay itself, so that you can win maximum Flower or Rangoli stamps.

So hopefully you will get your answer in this article. For any suggestion comment your query in the comment section. And hopefully, you will get your stamp soon.For more interesting articles on other topics click on the below link thank you.

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