What is PWD full form?

What is the full form of PWD? What are the uses under this? Today we will give you information related to all these things in this post.

PWD full form

Friends, the full form of PWD is “Public Works Department”. It is a government organization. Which works at the state level.

Main working of PWD

If you live in any city of India, then there will be an office of PWD. Because every city has a Public Works Department. Which works to repair the damaged roads in the city or get new roads constructed. Apart from this, this department also provides construction works like government building, hospital, bridge, flyover.

In a way, construction work related to public is also done by this department. The work of the Public Works Department is also done by making water available in the city and repairing broken pipes in the way.

Apart from this, the government building which is dilapidated or the government hospital, the school needs some kind of repair. So the PWD Department is also responsible for their care and repair.

Other Full Form Of PWD

Maybe some of you want to know even more full form of PWD. So tell you that its second full form also has Persons With Disabilities. Which is related to a person with a disability.

This word is used for such people. Those who are mentally or physically incomplete. For which a certificate is given by the government for his disability. And it shows the percentage of their disability.

Therefore, he does not have to pay even a single rupee for traveling in a government bus, train. Even the person traveling with them costs less money. Apart from this, they get a lot of relaxation in government jobs and good universities.

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