How long does it take to learn python?

How long does it take to learn python? 1.Python is easy to learn:- Python is very easy to learn because a person has no knowledge of any programming language can learn  python. Python supports all the programming paradigms such as structured programming, procedural programming, object-oriented programming, etc. 1.a Example to demonstrate how easy Python is If you compare Python with other languages such as C,C++, and Java you will find that python is easiest. Take the example...
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Python Features | Python tutorial

Installing and using Python- Download Python 3  from  Now double click on python installer to install the python.Start  Python editor IDLE  to create a python program from the start menu. Python Features- 1.Easy – to – learn. Python “Hello World “  Program: Type the following code in IDLE, press F5 o execute. Print(“Hello World “) Output: Hello World 2.  Good for scientific and mathematical applications To calculate the 2...
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