What is Relational database management system?

What is a Relational Database Management System?

Full form of RDBMS is –Relational Database Management System.

Relational Database Management System

  • Relational DataBase Management System representation of tables only.
  • A relational database refers to a database that stores data in a structured format, using rows and columns.
  • In RDBMS we can store the data in the form of tables.
  • Using this RDBMS we can create databases easily.
  • We can insert the data easily.
  • We can modify the data easily.
  • Using the RDBMS we can perform all operations on the table.
  • In a relational database One table contains columns.
  • The table may contain 1 column or no. of columns.
  • One table must contain 1 column, without a column we can’t create a table.
  • Which database we are going to be created regarding that we can create the table?
  • The table name must be matched to our database name.
  • The database may be emp, student. Cell shop etc.,
  • In columns, we will write the attributes of the databases.
Relational database management system

Table definition : 

  • Collection of records, the record is nothing but a collection of columns of attributes.
  • Using this RDBMS entire data we keep it in the form of tables.
  • The table contains the no. of records; every record displays particular database details. One row means one record.
  • RDBMS performs one language which is called SQL.

SQL ( Structured Query Language ) :

  1. Using this SQL, we can create the tables, we can modify the tables, can drop the tables.
  2. In SQL we have no. of queries for access to the database we can apply the queries on the tables & we get the results.

Query :

  • The query is nothing but a condition or question to the database.
  • This Query is required by the database & executes the query in the database. After executing the query send the result back to the client.

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