WiDi full form

WiDi full form “Wireless Display“, a technology developed by Intel. The feature is built into many Intel products such as laptops, tablets, etc. This technology helps the user to connect their PC or any other computing device like laptop, tablet with HDTV.

WiDi user access can provide a greater user experience with much lower latency by streaming audio, video, images, applications wirelessly from PC / laptop/tablet/smartphone to HDTV.

What is WiDi

Wireless Display Technology Developed by Intel: Wireless Display (YDI) is a technology developed by Intel that enables users to wirelessly stream computer displays to other display devices such as high-performance TVs (HDTVs).

How WiDi works

It uses hardware and software functionalities. Compresses and transmits video in H.264 format as well as digital audio to a WiDi compliant receiver up to 6 channels over a WiFi connection. It does not require any WiFi access point or router or hotspot for operation. It uses WiFi Direct for wireless connections.

Windows operating systems 7 and 8 require a third or fourth generation CPU (central processing unit).

Applications of WiDi

  • Share your small screen (mobile) with a large screen device (HDTV).
  • Establish a 2-way connection between a smart device and an HDTV for a fast real-time audio and video experience.
  • Interact on smartphone applications (such as social media, music, etc.) on a large screen HDTV.

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