What is WWWW

Full form of WWWW

The meaning  of WWWW is World Wide Web Worm, or WWWW stands for World Wide Web Worm, or the full name of given short form is World Wide Web Worm.

History of WWWW

World Wide Web Worm is known as WWWW, was one of the first search engines for the World Wide Web . It is claimed by some to be the first search engine. It was developed in September 1993 by Oliver McBryan at the University of Colorado as a research project. It was not released until March 1994, by which time a number of other search engines had been made publicly available.

The worm created a database of three lakhs multimedia objects which could be obtained or searched for keywords via the WWW. It indexed about 110,000 webpages as of 1994. In contrast to present-day search engines, the WWWW featured support for Perl regular expressions.

WWWW all full forms

  • World Wide Web Worm
  • World Wide Wireless Web
  • Woods World Wide by Williams
  • Who Works With Whom
  • Wonderful World Wide Web
  • What Where When Why
  • What Went Wrong With
  • World Wide Web Winemaking
  • What, When, Where, and Why

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