20 DBMS MCQ Questions and Answer

A collection of interrelated records is called a a) Databaseb) Spreadsheetc) Management information systemd) Text filee) None of these In a database, related fields are grouped to a) Fileb) Bankc) Menud) Data recorde) None of these Which of the following refers to the level of data abstraction that describes exactly how the data actually stored? … Read more

151 DBMS MCQ Questions and Answer

A relational database consists of a collection ofa) Tablesb) Fieldsc) Recordsd) Keyse) none of these A __ in a table represents a relationship among a set of values.a) Columnb) Keyc) Rowd) Entrye) none of these b The term _ is used to refer to a row.a) Attributeb) Tuplec) Fieldd) Instancee) none of these The term … Read more

DBMS MCQ Questions and Answer Set-9


It Includes the latest DBMS MCQ Questions and Answer.SQL Online test questions and answers. 1.Evaluate the SQL statement: SELECT ROUND (TRUNC (MOD (1600, 10),-1), 2) FROM dual; What will be displayed? a) 0 b) 1 c) C.0.00 d) D.an error statement Ans A 2.Evaluate the SQL statement: TRUNCATE TABLE DEPT; Which three are true about … Read more

DBMS MCQ Questions and Answer Set-8


1. Aggregate functions are functions that take a ___________ as input and return a single value. a) Collection of values b) Single value c) Aggregate value d) Both Collection of values & Single value Answer: a 2. SELECT __________FROM instructor WHERE dept name= ’Comp. Sci.’; Which of the following should be used to find the … Read more

DBMS MCQ Questions and Answer Set-7


This article includes the latest and most important DBMS MCQ questions which are very important regarding interviews. 1. Consider a Payment table with attributes PAY_ID (Primary Key), PAY_DT, PAY_AMT, BANK_ACCT, INIT_NAME, and PAY_MODE. Except for PAY_ID, no columns are unique. The table has three indexes as follows: IDX1 – PAY_ID IDX2 – BANK_ACCT, PAY_AMT IDX3 … Read more