Python Flask framework and Django framework

What is Flask framework and Django framework: If you are interested in web development using Python then Python flask framework and Django framework is good choice because both Frameworks provides an efficient and elegant way to develop your web application. 

There is a very popular approach that is used to develop the websites known as model view controller which is MVC architecture.

This approach of web development provides many benefits such as your website will be easy to maintain, your website will be maintainable and it is very easy to find the bugs because it delivers all the benefits of a modular approach to web development.

All these things can be well achieved with the help of these two framework flasks and the Django framework. Both the Framework are good but it is important that which Framework is suitable for you so before the starting of web development one should compare both the Framework in various respects to conclude which Framework will be better for you.

What is Framework?

Web development prices several things such as HTML, DHTML, stylesheet, JavaScript, ajax, server-side coding, and coding to perform database operations. it means it is the combination of several technologies.

So it involves the creation of different types of files are there is a pressing need to keep all these files in a very structured manner. Different types of files need to be separated so that further modification extension in the existing project can be done easily.

 Web Framework is a code library that provides all these facilities with standard patterns.

 Most of the  Web frameworks are based on model view controller architecture that is MVC

If you want to use the web Framework you should look for at least the following feature in your web framework.

  • your web Framework should be able to perform efficient URL routing.
  • there should be a proper arrangement to deal with input forms and validation.
  • it should support various output formats such as XML HTML and JSON.
  • Database connectivity
  • it should be able to deal with security issues.
  • Session management

1. What is MVC(model View Controller)

Flask framework
Flask framework

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MVC architecture divides your web application into three parts the first is the model the second is the view and the third is the controller each part has its own purpose.

Model:- this component deals with the data part of your application. Model component of MVC deals with the database. So the job of this component is to maintain your database for the website.

View:- this component deals with a user interface. the presentation part of your website how does the user interacts with the website there should be a very good user interface. This component is concerned with how to present data before the user?

Controller:- the business logic is implemented in the controller. It also handles incoming requests. it provides interfacing between model and view components.

2. Flask Framework:

It is a lightweight (has no database abstraction layer) web development framework based on WSGI (Web Server Gateway Interface)

Flask framework is a backend Technology because it runs on the server-side. All the features of the flask run on the server-side. Front end Technologies run on the browser-side also known as client-side.

Flask is a microframework because it does not require specific tools/libraries.

2.1 Features of Flask

  • Flask has a built-in development server.
  • It has a fast debugger.
  • It supports client-side session management.
  • It is a well-documented framework.
  • Is’t documentation provides several sample examples so that you can understand the look and feel of the flask.
  • It is a minimalistic framework gives a lot of freedom to its user in web development.

2.2 Advantages of flask

  • Flask does not impose any restrictions on developer. developer is allowed to do programming in his/her own style.
  • Most of the parts of flask can be easily altered  because of its simplicity. so flask   
  • is very flexible.
  • It provides modular approach of development so it delivers many benefits .  for example easy maintenance easy debugging and testing.
  • It is lightweight that’s why the performance is good.
  • Good for small projects.

2.3 Disadvantages of flask

  • flask is not standardized. It does not force the programmer to follow standards. So developer can develop application in his own style without following the standard.
  • It has fewer tools that’s why programmer is supposed to develop most of the things on his own or you can search some external libraries  to full fill your requirements.
  • Number of  flask users are less than the The Other framework users. So community is small  consequently  it is difficult to obtain much more information about the web development using flask.
  • Not good for large projects.

3. Django framework

Django is an open-source web development framework for python based on MVT architecture means model view template.

Model: Handles and maintains the database.

View: the view is used to implement business logic.

Template: this component deals with the user interface. the presentation part of your website how does the user interacts with the website there should be a very good user interface. This component is concerned with how to present data before the user?

3.1 Features and Advantages of Django

  • Good for large Projects:

is good for large projects because this Framework forces programmers to follow all the standards which are necessary to build good and scalable web applications.

  • Rapid application development:

with the help of this framework, an efficient and experienced programmer can develop a Complex and large website in a short duration of time.

  • It follows standards:

this Framework strictly follows the standard MVT architecture.

  • Rich Library:

It has a rich library to provide inbuilt functionality which helps in the Rapid development of the website

3.2 Disadvantages of Django

  • It requires complete knowledge of model view template MVT architecture to start the development of a website using the Django framework.
  • It puts a lot of restriction over the programmer to follow the standard Design patterns

4.Flask vs Django

Project TypeGood for large and complex web applicationGood for simple and small web application
weightFull based MVT architectureIt is Lightweight with a minimalistic approach
StandardsIt forces programmers to follow standard design patterns.It allows the programmer to follow his/her own programming style


We have seen the advantages and disadvantages of both Flask frameworks and the Django framework.

Which Framework will be suitable for you depends that what type of web application you want to develop.

 If you are thinking about a simple and small website then obviously flask is a good choice.

 If you are planning a large and complex website then D Jango will be the best choice because large websites are supposed to be scalable.

The requirement of a scalable website is that such types of websites should be developed with standard design patterns.  So in this case Django is the best choice.

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