What is TRP full form?

1. TRP full form

TRP full form-All the Television Viewers must have heard this term that is Television Rating Point (TRP). But very few know about this term. you will be knowing all about the TRP such as

  • What is TRP?
  • How TRP is calculated?
  • What is the Role of TRP in making money?

Very few people know the full form of TRP. It’s full form is Television Rating point.

In this modern era of business world, every factor which affects business directly or indirectly, is deeply analyzed for following purposes

  • Generate a report to know the actual situation of the business.
  • Know the reason behind the growth or loss of business.
  • Take corrective action to improve the business.
  • To take actions against the forces which causes the business downfall.

2 What is TRP?

Television Rating Point is a method to know that which TV channel/TV program is most popular among society. TRP shows that which TV channel or which TV program is viewed most by the public.

TRP full form

It can be well explained with the help of example:

During the lockdown period(2020) in India, A television Serial MAHABHARAT has become very popular in society. One important aspect behind the popularity of this serial is that it is viewed by all the age groups. Kids, youngsters, and old people, they all like this serial.

Consequently this serial MAHABHARAT has got the highest TRP. That is 2.7

With the help of TRP, it is also possible to sense the mood of public. What type of TV programs/content they like or dislike. This information can be used  by the channel owners to improve the quality of TV programs broadcasting on their channel.

3.How TRP is calculated?

In India TRP is calculated by some authorized agencies such as INTAM, and DART

INTAM stands for Indian Television Audience Measurement.

DART stands for  Doordarshan Audience Research Team ,

now come to the point that how to calculate the TRP.

First of all a special device which is known as people meter is installed in a selected area.

This device is connected with all the set top box of this area.

People meter reads all the traffic with the help of these set top boxes of the area.

Further this information is sent to the monitoring team.

Now this monitoring team analyses that traffic data and determine that what are the ranking of different TV channels. In this way the TRP of different TV channels is calculated.

4.What is the role of TRP in making money?

In india, show business is successful. India is highly populated country. So there is a galore of audience. TV channels owners just need to attract them. Now let’s understand the whole exercise.

TV channel owners or TV show producer decides target audience for example kids will be interested in cartoon channels, youngsters may be interested in songs, movie , drama etc.

Other people may be interested in news channels.

Advertisements are the main source of income of TV channels. Companies are always interested in popular TV channels to show their advertisements because their ultimate goal is to show their ads to the maximum number of viewers.

Now the question arises that how these companies will come to know which TV channel is most popular?

Here Television Rating Point comes into the picture. Television Rating Point tells the popularity of various channels/TV shows. TV channel with the highest TRP charges the highest price from companies for their ads.

That’s why all the TV channels always try to increase their Television Rating Point.

In this way, Television Rating Point makes profits for TV channels /TV shows.


In the field of Television industry, success of business depends upon the popularity of TV channel or TV show and TRP in the only way to know the popularity of TV channels or TV shows.

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