What is the Full Form Of KGF

You must have heard about KGF and you might have seen the KGF movies too. If you have seen KGF Movie well then you will know a little story.

And those who do not know today, I will tell you what KGF is and where it is located, what is KGF Full Form, why it was named KGF and also we will tell what is the truth behind KGF.

The full form of KGF is “Kolar Gold Fields”. It is a world-famous mining area. The name became so popular that a film was also produced on it. The film was produced by Prashanth Neel. It is considered to be one of the most famous mines of India to date. Gold is produced here in India.


KGF stands for Kolar Gold Fields, a gold mining area located in Bangarapet taluk in the Kolar district of Karnataka state in India. A lot of gold is found in this area. It is one of the major gold mines of India, this mine was costing more to produce gold due to which this mine was closed by the Government of India in the year 2001. The quantity of gold in this mine is more in-depth, due to which there is a need to spend more risk and more money. Due to excess of these two, it has been decided to close this mine.


800 tonnes of gold have been extracted from KGF located in the Kolar district of Karnataka from 1900 to 2001, and this mining was stopped after 2001, the present-day Kolar district has a population of 1,70,000 people.

The British have ruled India for 200 years and whatever they got from here, they used to take it to their country one by one and the same thing happened with KGF i.e. Kolar Gold Fields.

But now comes the question of how the British came to know about the gold in KGF. In 1864, Mishal Aflvela came to know that there is a lot of gold in Kolar and after that he gave this information to his big officers and he made gold mining. Started a company.


  • One of the famous temples of Lord Shiva in the KGF area is Kotilingeshwar, its distance from KGF is 5 km.
  • The first hydroelectric plant in India was set up at Shivanasamudra here to provide electricity to KGF.
  • The head office of the National Mining Institute of India is also located in KGF.
  • Silicosis occurs due to dust generated during mining, due to which many diseases are caused in human lungs. This silicosis was first found at the time of KGF mining. The dust emitted from mining was tested on a very large scale.
  • In 1965, the world’s first cosmic ray neutrino was exchanged at a joint project of KGF India, Japan, and Britain.
  • The world’s longest passenger rail, the “Swarna Express”, was started from KGF to Bangalore.

KGF Movie 

A movie has also been made over KGF which is made in the Kannada language and has been dubbed in Hindi, although there is not much difference between the real and reel life of KGF and most of the truth is shown in the movie.

But in the movie, like a hero has handled everything, nothing like this had happened in real life, and the movie is a movie, it is shown in a slight detail and different types of video effects are used.

The hero of KGF Movie is named Yash and its director is Prashant Neil, the producer of this movie is Vijay Kyrgandur. The first chapter of this movie was released in 2018 and the second chapter of KGF was to be released on 23 October 2020. More new artists will be seen in the chapter.

Talking about the actors of the second chapter of the KGF Movie, you will get to see big actors like Yash, Sanjay Dat, Srinidhi Shetty, Raveena Tandon and hope that the second one is going to be amazing like the first chapter.

So, friends, KGF is not only a film but there is a story behind it on which this film has been made and has been well-liked by people, so people are waiting for the second chapter.

So we hope that you must have liked every article and now you have not only come to know the KGF Full-Form but also have known the story behind it, so be sure to share this article with the people watching the film.

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