Google Mera Naam Kya Hai

Google Mera Naam Kya Hai-गूगल मेरा नाम क्या है?

Friends, today we are going to tell you about a very interesting topic, do you also often ask Google what is my name Google Mera Naam Kya Hai, and all the time you want Google to tell your name, today you absolutely Have come to the right article.

Because I will tell you in a lot of detail so that you get a better understanding.

Google Mera Naam Kya Hai
Google Mera Naam Kya Hai

Friends, we often want to know about new technology.

you will also want to tell me Mera Naam kya hai.

so what I will tell you is to follow all the steps.

After this, you will understand everything and we will tell you in this blog This will give all the information related to how you can call all the answers worth your mind from Google i.e. Google Assistant.

Google Mera Naam Kya Hai-गूगल मेरा नाम क्या है

Google has software which we call Google Assistant, it has an Artificial Intelligence feature inside it, due to which we can use it according to our needs, the most popular feature in which people ask Google about their name.
So now we know what this feature is? This feature is an inbuilt feature of Google Assistant, which people use for a customized experience, these features are used to get answers according to themselves.

How does Google Assistant Works?

Friends, to use this feature, you will have to download and install the Google Assistant app from the Google play store and open and tell Google your name and then your name is saved in that Google database, and then when you get your name from Google If asked, he gives you the answer. It is a game of all software.

How to start the Google Assistant feature

Friends, if you have known and understood this much then you need to know how you will tell your name to Google, then we will now know how to proceed with this process.

Your first task is that you have to keep Google Assistant on your phone and then turn on this feature, so this feature is inbuilt in every phone.

Note: Your features are already enabled in Google Assistant, just you have to open and ask.

But if you do not enable it, then it does not work when you have this feature turned on, then you have to ask it that Google Mera Naam kya hai and after that, there will be a direct question that Google does not know your name right now and that If the software asks you for your name, then you have to tell your name.

Note: If your name is already there and you want to change that name, then you have to ask Google to change your name, just have to tell your name that google Mera Naam John hai then he will change your name and new in your server Will add a name.

Whenever you want, you can use this topic and ask your name. You will have to enter all your information in the new Google account, but when you have to change or if you have put your nickname for the first time then you will have to reset all the things now.

So at that time you will say that change my name and if you are processing this for the first time, then you will have to say what is the name, then it will ask you, then you will save it. Lega and you can also get your name saved through Google Assistant.

You can ask any name from Google

You can also save the name of your mother and father, you can also call the name of your friend and you can also save the name of your friend, and you can save the name of your siblings. You can save the address, your hometown or workplace can save everything and everything will be present in that database.

Whenever you ask, it will go on the same line. Just to ask all this, you have to ask the question from Google assistant what is Mera Gf ka Naam if you will not save in Google, you will not know and will ask you to tell you after this, after this, you will tell you whenever you ask.
Note: To call all these names, you will have to save everything, like I have told you above.

Add on features To be Known

You can also save the name of your mother and father, and your boyfriend (Boyfriend). This is quite an interesting feature.

If you use this thing in front of someone, then the rule you have set will pop up. Google Assistant is truly your best friend and helps you a lot, Google helps you in everything, it has its own very best features.

Like I already told you if your mood is off or you are feeling very depressed, you can listen to funny jokes with the help of it.

If you want to listen to good poetry, then you say Google Mujhe Shayari sunna hai love Shayari, Sad Shayari, whatever you search on Google, you can now bring all those things without typing through Google Assistant.

If you want to call a person and you have that contact saved on your phone, then you can also call directly if you want to speak, even if you want to save the contact, you can also say Google save this contact, then direct white contact Brings you to the page if you are in a meeting or in an important place.

So you can immediately say that you message this person. If ever you want to know the weather of your place, then you just have to ask Google how the weather is today. Will bring
I told basically, you can talk to Google like your best friend, you can ask them anything and whatever will be the answer in his search engine,

he will give it to you anytime if you are bored or have a difference If you do not have the desire to talk, then you can talk to Google, this is a very good tool to set your mind.

Any professional you want to know or anything work-related you can also know or you can also search with Person Matter, you can do that. Google Assistant will never make you tired Google Assistant will keep you as your friend. We talked. About all its features.

Every time when Google updates its system, it gets a lot of advanced features so far I have told you as much as I know and every time there are many updates and you always get a better experience Google Assistant is personal and Made for Customer Experience only because everyone’s needs are different.


Hope you have liked this article very much and if you like it, then share this informative article with your friend and family so that they too get to know about this very best feature and can use it.

That tells you everything about Google Assistant and what is my name (Google Mera Naam Kya Hai), which was our topic, and also gives all the information about it. If you still have a doubt then you can ask us in the comment section.

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