What is the Full Form of PDF?

PDF has become a very popular file extension for daily use. With the help of PDF, we can easily read books from our home or through our phone or computer. Resumes for anyone’s documents or jobs can also be sent in PDF file. Most of the work in jobs related to office sector is done using PDF file. If seen, the PDF file has a special significance for any official work. If you also want to know what is a PDF file, what is its full form, then full information is being told here.

Full Form of PDF

The full form of PDF is Portable Document Format which is called ‘Portable Document File’ in Hindi. If we talk about PDF directly then it is a type of document file under which files like Text Massage, Image, Hyperlinks, Embedded Fonts, Video etc. can be easily protected and can be read for a long time. Is

PDF is created by Acrobat Company. PDF files can be created with the help of Adobe Acrobat software and can be easily read with the help of Adobe Reader software. Apart from this, there are many such softwares at the present time, with the help of which PDF files can be created and read, it is mainly used to provide data access.

What is PDF file

PDF is a file format that is the most popular eBook format if viewed at the present time. Its best feature is that it can easily convert any text or images into PDF and then open it in any other device in the same format. The best part of it is that if you want to print any document, you can easily convert it to PDF file, because the format of the file does not change in its format.

How we create PDF

PDF technology brought a different revolution in the world, which is used in the technical field very much. Knowing in the present time – inadvertently, PDF has been used in all places, you have ever wondered how PDFs were created, if you do not know, then see how PDFs are made from here. The information about PDF creation is as follows –

  • The PDF is mainly made up of three technologies. Which is described as
  • If we talk about the first technology, it is made up of a postscript page description programming language that generates layout and graphics.
  • Now, if you talk about other technologies, then there is a Font Replacement System through which the font coming from the outside documents is controlled and helps to keep it in the exact location.
  • The third technology consists of a structured storage system which is very essential for storage. This system saves any document in PDF.

When pdf was established

If we talk about the history of PDF, then many facts come out. If we talk about construction, it was only around 1990. After this, in 1993, Adobe systems made the PDF file format completely free of cost. Earlier PDF was a proprietary format, controlled by Adobe systems. But from July 1, 2008, it was opened to everyone. Currently, more people are using it than Adobe.

Benefits of pdf

There are many benefits of PDF in the world of technology, which is as follows –

Primarily, the portable document format has been developed because it provides mobility and portability. And you can easily read PDF file using Adobe Acrobat Reader like Free of Cast software.

If you have used a particular font in a PDF file and want to display it in the same font wherever you are sending it, then the font has to be embedded in the PDF file so that it will also see the same font.

It is an easy and secure way to share any document file via email. Through this, users can also adjust the level of access according to their own.

Interactive forms can also be integrated into any PDF file which can be exported or saved in the data base by inputting the data as per the request.

By this, you can easily reduce or compress its size without doing any Data Loss & Quality Loss in the PDF file, because the size of the file is reduced or the file-sharing speed increases.

Problem with PDF

If we talk about PDF format, then there are some problems in it which are as follows –

  • If you convert any document to PDF, then you cannot make any changes to that document.
  • PDF files cannot be edited in any way.
  • Text written in PDF file cannot be copied.

The conclusion

So I hope you have understood what PDF Full Form is and what PDF is. Apart from this, you will like the information given in detail in the PDF. Apart from this, if you have any questions or suggestions, then you can ask us by commenting below?

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