DBMS MCQ Questions and Answer Set-12

1-Which statement would add a column CGPA to a table Student which is already created? ALTER TABLE Student ADD COLUMN (CGPA NUMBER(3,1)); ALTER TABLE Student CGPA NUMBER(3,1); ALTER TABLE Student ADD (CGPA NUMBER(3,1)); ALTER TABLE Student ADD CGPA NUMBER(3,1); 2- Which statement is TRUE regarding ALTER statement? ALTER TABLE cannot be used to remove a … Read more

DBMS MCQ Questions and Answer Set-3


1. What operator tests the column for the absence of data? A. EXISTS operator B. NOT operator C. IS NULL operator D. None of these Answer:  C 2. In SQL, which command(s) is (are) used to change a table‚Äôs storage characteristic? A. ALTER TABLE B. MODIFY TABLE C. CHANGE TABLE D. All of the above … Read more

DBMS MCQ Questions and Answer Set-5


Very important DBMS MCQ Questions . 1.   Which data manipulation command is used to combines the records from one or more tables? A. SELECT B. PROJECT C. JOIN D. PRODUCT 2.   SQL permits attribute names to be repeated in the same relation. (True or False) A. FALSE B. TRUE 3.   Which of the following operations … Read more