DBMS MCQ Questions and Answer Set-9


It Includes the latest DBMS MCQ Questions and Answer.SQL Online test questions and answers. 1.Evaluate the SQL statement: SELECT ROUND (TRUNC (MOD (1600, 10),-1), 2) FROM dual; What will be displayed? a) 0 b) 1 c) C.0.00 d) D.an error statement Ans A 2.Evaluate the SQL statement: TRUNCATE TABLE DEPT; Which three are true about … Read more

DBMS MCQ Questions and Answer Set-7


This article includes the latest and most important DBMS MCQ questions which are very important regarding interviews. 1. Consider a Payment table with attributes PAY_ID (Primary Key), PAY_DT, PAY_AMT, BANK_ACCT, INIT_NAME, and PAY_MODE. Except for PAY_ID, no columns are unique. The table has three indexes as follows: IDX1 – PAY_ID IDX2 – BANK_ACCT, PAY_AMT IDX3 … Read more