20 Best Online Jobs from home –No investment (Earn 50,000 per month)

Online jobs from home

Online jobs from home is not a new term but after the lockdown period imposed by COVID-19, most of the people are looking for online jobs work from home.

Online job from home

Nowadays people are  preferring  work from home.  There are various ways to earn money by online jobs.  You can earn up to 50000 INR  per month without any investment.  You just have to arrange a laptop and internet connection.  Now I am going to tell you 20 best online jobs where you can earn upto 50000 INR per month  by doing  work from home.


In simple words we can say that blog is an informational website where  blogger (owner of this website) can post various articles on different subjects. Blogs are shown in reverse order it means that  the latest blog will be visible first. These blogs are read by millions of viewers across the world  and generates income for you.


The success of any blogger depends that what is the quality of content being uploaded on the website.  Your content should be unique and meaningful.

2. Online survey from home

Online survey from home  is the best option to earn money from home by completing surveys. Lets understand how does it make sense.

When a company wants to launch a new product they don’t want to take any risk so before the launch of the product, they want to know whether people are interested in this type of product or not. 

Online survey from home
Online survey from home

They also want to know what type of product people are looking for. To fulfill this purpose his companies conduct a survey. You can sign up with a survey website and you can   earn from home  by completing these surveys.

3.Offline and online data entry jobs

you just have to perform data entry  as per the instruction and format given by the company.

data entry jobs
data entry jobs

 You have to submit your work before deadline. If you have a good typing speed i then this job is  good because there is no any  requirement of special qualification. There is one more job option  that is data correction  where you just have to correct the data given by the company according to their prescribed format.

4. Article writing from home

Bloggers always want to upload quality content. They are always interested in quality content so they can hire article writers to upload quality articles on their websites.

Article writing
Article writing

 If you have a good writing skill you can write article for them and earn  handsome amount of money. Your article must be unique and meaningful for The Readers. You can also use images, charts, and graphs to make your article more attractive and informative.

5. Captcha  entry

Captcha entry job is suitable for those who can type fast. In this job you just have to sign up with the captcha entry company and after this you will get images of capture and you have to type the correct captcha. You will be paid for the correct capture Entry.

Captcha  entry
Captcha entry

6. Virtual assistant

people from all over the world are working as a virtual assistant from their home in this type of job you have to sign up with the website and they will hire you as per your skill. You will be paid for the task they assign to you.

Virtual assistant
Virtual assistant

 Here you can earn upto 500-1000 rupees per hour.

7. Micro working

In this type of online job, you will be paid for small tasks such as watching videos, identify and compare images, translating sentences or paragraphs.

8.Fiverr online job

It is a platform where you can sell your services  for example you can design Logo, you can create videos for them.

Fiverr online job
Fiverr online job

9. Babysitting from home

 If you like to spend time with kids, you can start baby sitting from your home.

For this job, you should have separate room/space at your home for kids so that your family members will not get disturbed. You should have enough material and activities to engage kids.

Babysitting from home
Babysitting from home

10. Work at Home Tutor

You can conduct Home tuitions from your home. you should have a computer system and internet connection. You can take classes on subject of your interest. After the covid 19 threat, parents don’t want to send their children  for out door tuitions. So now a days these types of jobs are very popular.

11. You Tube channel

If you have some creativity, you can create videos and upload them on You Tube.

You Tube allows it’s user to create their channels. You can create your channel and upload videos on your channel. If your channel gets popularity, it will be monetized and you can earn a very handsome amount. You can create videos on any subject of your choice, but videos should be attractive and informative.

12. Food Delivery Service

Sometimes people don’t want to go outside for food. They may be interested in enjoying their favorite restaurant’s food at their home. Small restaurants can not afford the cost of home delivery since orders may be from different location, and big restaurants don’t want to spend and manage additional staff because their core business is to produce food not the transportation of food.

Food Delivery service
Food Delivery service

You can take the advantage of this .you can take orders from people and make the desired restaurant’s food available at their door step.

If you are swamped with orders, you can hire staff and can manage all these thing from home.

13. Mystery Shopping

Some big companies want to know the actual experience of customers when customer shops or takes services from anywhere.

Purpose of such types of big companies is to provide a better shopping experience to their customer in future.

You can be a customer and you will purchase something or you can take some service. After this you will share your shopping experience with these big companies. Now you will be paid for all the products you purchased and this exercise of shopping by these big companies.

14.Online selling job from home

It is all about online shopping, you can sell your product with number of websites like flipKart, Amazon, and so on.

But successful online shopping portals like Amazon or flipKart will make sure that your product is a quality product. So you should be very careful about the quality of the product you are selling through these types of online shopping sites.

15. Real Estate Agent

You can be a property dealer. the success of this business is related to your social circle. If you are in contact of many people, success rate will be high.

You just have to put your contact detail and property detail you want to deal on property website. Interested clients can contact you .

16. Online training and consultancy

You can provide on line training from home about your skill . for example you can train your students for playing musical instruments, interior decoration of home and so on.

Online training and consultancy
Online training and consultancy

17. Home Transcriptionist

The job of Transcriptionist is to type whatever is spoken to the Transcriptionist. It may also be a recorded audio / video.

All this communication is performed online.

18. Insurance Agent (Work at home)

Now a days people can apply for online insurance. You should have a good knowledge of various insurance policies so that you can suggest the most suitable policy to your client.

19. Online Game playing

Surprise? Yes you will be paid for playing game. Some companies develop on line games . they need game testers to test the game so that they can provide better gaming experience to their customers.

Apart from all that, now a days some companies organizes online gaming competitions and give prizes to the winners.

20. Content Writer for organization’s web site

When big organizations want to get their web site launched, they hire website developer.web developer is a technical person who develops the web site with the help of available technologies such as PHP, Java script, ASP.net etc.

Apart from this, there is a need of good content to be displayed on web site to glorify the company profile.

You can write good content for this organization which will be displayed on the organization’s web site.

So these are the best ways to earn money by Online jobs from home.

There are various web sites offering online jobs from home but you should always signup with only genuine web sites.
One more important point is that you should always select online job which is suitable for you.

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