What is the full form of UPSC?

Today we are going to know  UPSC full form and much more about it. UPSC full form is Union Public Service Commission.  In the Indian scenario, jobs are broadly categorized into two categories. Government jobs and private jobs. There are many opportunities in government jobs. UPSC is an independent government agency and is responsible to … Read more

What is the full form of PNST?

The full form of PNST is  Pre Nursing Selection Test. GNTST PNST is an entrance examination released annually by the Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board of Education. In which students who pass, are given admission in board general nursing and B.Sc nursing courses. But keep in mind this exam is conducted for female candidates only. … Read more

What Is The Full Form Of MCH-MCH Full Form

Introduction: MCH full form-Today we are going to know the full form of M.Ch and much more about it. As we know that knowledge and skill must be certified by some recognized and valid educational body or university. It is recognized and endorsed by the Indian government. The full form of M.Ch is Master of … Read more

What is the full form of HSC?

Introduction: Today I am going to discuss HSC Full form -HSC means Higher Secondary Certificate board. Endorsement of your knowledge and skill is required to become a successful professional.There are many reputed education boards across the country and HSC is one of them.So now we are going to know about HSC(Higher Secondary Certificate board ). … Read more

What is the full form of CEO

The full form of CEO is Chief Executive Officer. The CEO suggests the high ranking in a business or business and is in control of the direction and administration. CEO is possibly the most senior executive or administrative officer concerned for conducting the business as a whole and its own earnings.The CEO is accountable for … Read more