30 DBMS MCQ Questions and Answer-DBMS Tutorial

Functional dependency is a relationship between or amongA. EntitiesB. RowsC. AttributesD. TablesAns : C Which functional dependency types is/are not present in the following dependencies?Empno -> EName, Salary, Deptno, DNameDeptNo -> DNameEmpNo -> DNameA. Full functional dependencyB. Partial functional dependencyC. Transitive functional dependencyD. Both B and CAns : B If one attribute is determinant of … Read more

10 DBMS MCQ Questions and Answer

Which of the following column properties would be used to specify that cells in a column must be immediately filled with a monetary value of $10,000?A.Null statusB.Data typeC.Default valueD.Data constraints Answer: Option C Which of the following is a correlated subquery?A.Uses the result of an inner query to determine the processing of an outer query.B.Uses … Read more

Operating System Multiple Choice Questions Set-4


Dual mode of operating system has a.1 modeb. 2 modesc.3 modesd.4 modes Answer: (a) Multi-processor system gives a a.small systemb.tightly coupled systemc.loosely coupled systemd.both a and b Answer: (b) Logical extension of multiprogramming operating system is a.time sharingb.multi-taskingc.single programingd.both a and b Answer: (d) Multiprocessor system have advantage of a.Increased Throughputb.Expensive hardwarec.operating systemd.both a and … Read more

Operating System Multiple Choice Questions Set-3


1._ is when the computers are turned ON and the operating system is loaded. A. TapingB. BootingC. TrackingD. Flashing Answer: B 2.Operating system is also known as A. PrinterB. DatabaseC. HardwareD. System software Answer: D. 3. A computer cannot “boot” if it does not have the A. loaderB. assemblerC. compilerD. operating system Answer: D. 4.What … Read more