30 DBMS MCQ Questions and Answer-DBMS Tutorial

In this article, we will provide you with 30 DBMS MCQ questions and answers. These questions will help you test your knowledge of DBMS concepts. We will also provide you with the correct answers and explanations for each question. So, let’s get started! Functional dependency is a relationship between or amongA. EntitiesB. RowsC. AttributesD. TablesAns: … Read more

10 DBMS MCQ Questions and Answer

Which of the following column properties would be used to specify that cells in a column must be immediately filled with a monetary value of $10,000?A.Null statusB.Data typeC.Default valueD.Data constraints Answer: Option C Which of the following is a correlated subquery?A.Uses the result of an inner query to determine the processing of an outer query.B.Uses … Read more

Operating System Multiple Choice Questions Set-4


Dual mode of operating system has a.1 modeb. 2 modesc.3 modesd.4 modes Answer: (a) Multi-processor system gives a a.small systemb.tightly coupled systemc.loosely coupled systemd.both a and b Answer: (b) Logical extension of multiprogramming operating system is a.time sharingb.multi-taskingc.single programingd.both a and b Answer: (d) Multiprocessor system have advantage of a.Increased Throughputb.Expensive hardwarec.operating systemd.both a and … Read more

Operating System Multiple Choice Questions Set-3


1._ is when the computers are turned ON and the operating system is loaded. A. TapingB. BootingC. TrackingD. Flashing Answer: B 2.Operating system is also known as A. PrinterB. DatabaseC. HardwareD. System software Answer: D. 3. A computer cannot “boot” if it does not have the A. loaderB. assemblerC. compilerD. operating system Answer: D. 4.What … Read more